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ABOUT LVB Landwirtschaftliche GmbH

LVB Landwirtschaftliche GmbH  is an international  trading company involved in  importer and exporter of agricultural, food and beverages house hold detergent , Toys & Hobbies , Beauty & Personal Care  Toiletries, Baby products Pet Food  products , Textile & Leather Product , Home Appliance , Energy   of all Kinds , the best distribution channels and review suppliers, LVB Landwirtschaftliche GmbH  gains recognition among both regular and new customers.

Our mission is to become a favorite business partner through the continuous updating of standards and achievement to place one of the leading position in the international market with the simultaneous flexibility of a small company, which in turn will effectively meet the needs of all customers. We distribute branded products of all kind .


Products we provide


We have all your favorite food and beverages products like Plant and Animal Oil, Spices and Herbs Products, Sugar, Sauce, Salt, etc...


We have all your favorite food and beverages products like Cleaning Products, Dishwashing, Laundry & Detergents etc..


We have all your favorite Baby products like Wipes, Diappers/Nappies, Laundry Products, Baby Oils, Shampoos, Baby Food etc...


We have all your favorite Health & Beauty products like Skin Care, Hair Care, Shaving, Dental Mouthwashes, Feminine Hygiene etc..


We have all your favorite confectionery products like Snacks, Chocolate, Chocolate Bars, Drops, Chocolate Spread, etc..


We have all your favorite pet food products like Chappi, Darling, Deli Bakie, Dreamies, Friskies, Frolic etc...